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Why did WYDOT make this change?
This change is being made to better serve travelers. We will be able to deliver Rolling Closures Authorizations on a statewide basis for those with Wyoming driver licenses while improving the emphasis on WYDOT Travel Authorizations.
Can authorizations be shared with family members?
No. Every person who plans to operate a vehicle during an authorization needs to sign up and be part of the W-TAP program.
Is an email address required to participate in the program?
No, but it is strongly encouraged. People who provide an email address (and confirm it within the W-TAP system) will receive correspondence about the W-TAP program from WYDOT electronically and travel authorizations will be delivered to that email addresses.
How can I check to see if I have an authorization?
Approved members of the W-TAP program may receive authorizations in a variety of ways.
  • If they provided a valid email address, authorizations will come directly to their email account.
  • All users can check for authorizations using the Wyoming 511 mobile app (available for iOS and Android)
  • or by dialing 855-WAT-DIAL with a valid W-TAP dial-in ID
  • or by logging into their W-TAP account at http://w-tap.wyoroad.info.
I'm not getting email notifications. What's wrong?
Check to make sure you confirmed your email address and that your authorizations are not going directly to your email's spam folder. If the problem persists, contact us at w-tap@wyo.gov.

WYDOT Authorized Travel (WAT)

How can I apply to receive more than 7 WAT segments?
People who wish to apply for more than 7 WAT segments can send an email to w-tap@wyo.gov. Please provide details and an explanation for the request.
Do I need to carry anything with me to prove I have an authorization?
It is important to have the valid authorization code available and to check frequently for any updates to an authorization. During a closure event, it's very likely that the authorized milepost range of an authorization will change over the course of time. Each time there is a change to the authorization, a new code will be generated.
Why wasn't an authorization issued?
Travel authorizations are only issued when a portion of a closed road is safe for travel. In most cases, travel isn't safe anywhere on the closed road or the portion of the road safe for travel does not reach a destination (the road becomes impassable at a location that would strand drivers on the roadside without access to resources). State statute is clear that WYDOT only has authority to issue travel authorizations when conditions are safe.

Rolling Closure Authorization (RCA)

What is a rolling closure?
Ensuring roadway safety is one of WYDOT's top priorities. The small towns along routes with heavy through-traffic have limited resources in terms of parking, fuel, hotel rooms, and other amenities. When a town is at capacity, which can happen during a long-duration closure, the closure will be rolled back to the next town to avoid stranding travelers in a location without adequate services. The road may be open in the direction leading away from the affected area. WYDOT attempts to make accommodations for travelers who do not put a demand on an affected community's resources by issuing local traffic only restrictions and through the WYDOT Travel Authorization Program (W-TAP) at https://w-tap.wyoroad.info.
How do I sign up for a rolling closure authorization (RCA) on a specific roadway segment?
The RCA process varies from the WAT process because there is no need to sign up for an individual road segment. If an applicant is approved for rolling closure authorizations, they will be notified any time there is an RCA in effect anywhere in the State of Wyoming.
What are the requirements for participating in the RCA process?
The RCA process is intended for people who would not put a burden on the resources of small towns in Wyoming and therefore the program is limited to Wyoming residents. Applicants for RCA must have a valid Wyoming driver license.

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